Dear, Medical Professional:

We know you do your best every day to help your patients get and stay healthy. It isn't always easy to talk to your patients about their alcohol use, even though harmful alcohol use can significantly affect health.

The C Three Foundation wants to help you help your patients change the conversation about harmful alcohol use.

For decades, alcohol misuse has traditionally been treated as a moral failing resulting in shame, stigma, and chronic treatment failure. As a medical professional, you understand the physical, medical harm alcohol abuse can cause.

You do not have to be an addiction specialist to screen and treat your patients. Please browse our website and contact us with any questions.

Identify Risks

Reduce Stigma

Options Save Lives

Best Practices

Identify the signs of alcohol use disorder with brief screening.

Encourage patients to view alcohol misuse as a treatable health issue.

Unlock the right recovery option for your patients.

Best practices for proactive treatment of alcohol use disorder.