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4/25/2017 – “I started prescribing oral naltrexone per the Sinclair Method about a year ago.  I now see patients coming from as far as two hours away to try this novel approach to management of alcohol use disorder.  Their stories are unique in many ways, but also often have some commonalities – the wish to be able to drink when they want, but also stop when they want, or just not care to drink so much or so often.  I’d say the 78% responder rate as discovered by Dr. Sinclair, and described in Dr. Eskapa’s book The Cure for Alcoholism, is quite in line with my experience.  Compared to most other medical treatments, for any condition, this is a remarkable degree of efficacy.  I just wish more practitioners were familiar with this method, so it could be offered to a greater number of those currently afflicted.”

– Aaron Miller, MD (South Elgin, IL)  www.sure-step.com

It is my definite clinical opinion, that after carefully researching traditional treatment and The Sinclair Method treatment for alcohol dependence, that the Sinclair Method (TSM) should be the treatment tried first. Traditional treatment should only be used in the minority of patients where The Sinclair Method failed, or, where it cannot be used due to some unusual medical circumstance, such as allergy to naltrexone. The Sinclair Method is very much cheaper and very much more effective than traditional treatment. My opinion is that, barring unusual clinical circumstances, that The Sinclair Method should be prescribed first, not last; and, to do otherwise might be considered malpractice. I use The Sinclair Method with all my private patients first, unless there is some reason not to, which is unusual. I find it to be effective in 75% of patients at a year out. I find that traditional rehab treatment works only in about 20% after the same year of treatment.”

Stephen M. Cox, MDLicensed physician, Board certified psychiatrist, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry University of Kentucky College of Medicine, National Anxiety Foundation, President.

“As a board-certified psychiatrist I was traditionally trained to treat addiction but was frankly discouraged with the lack of successful treatment options. Two years ago I learned about the Sinclair method and immediately started to implement the method into my practice. I have seen dramatically successful results and it has been extremely encouraging to offer people a truly effective solution.  I also integrate the Sinclair method with additional strategies to best fit the needs of each patient; whether the goal is to simply cut-down or to quit altogether.  The Sinclair method has shifted the paradigm of addiction treatment and I only hope the awareness continues to grow in order to help as many people as possible.”

Michael Yasinski, MD, Yasinski Psychiatry

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